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Nutrition Food Science



Programme Overview

Lower secondary: Food and Consumer Education

The Food and Consumer Education syllabus is a 2-year programme that adopts the E3 philosophy – Experience, Enrich and Extend in Katong Convent. All students will experience food management and preparation skills to aid them in planning and preparing meals. They will also learn to be appreciative of the food from different cultures in Singapore, with greater understanding of food practices from different ethnicities. Our students will also learn basic principles of consumer education, where they will learn how to manage resources and understand consumer rights as well as responsibilities. 

In addition, every student will be assigned a coursework task to complete. Through an investigative approach, Secondary 2 students will learn how to plan and conduct a simplified food experiment that encourages meticulous thinking and forward planning. At Secondary 1, students will learn how to apply skills such as meal planning and modify recipes to prepare an interesting and healthy dish for a targeted group. 

To enrich their experience, selected students will attend learning journeys that can pique their interest in food. 

Some students will also be selected to take part in competitions to apply and showcase their talents at such platforms to extend their learning experiences beyond syllabus coverage. 

Upper Secondary: Food and Nutrition

In the upper secondary level, students will acquire knowledge in nutrition, health, food science and food management skills. They are required to do coursework, which develops in students the process skills of planning, execution and evaluation. Students will learn to think critically about issues on food, health and nutrition, approach problems with creative solutions and make sound judgments. 

Achievement in 2015

We sent in a team of secondary 2 students to participate in an inter-school ice-cream making competition organised by Nanyang Polytechnic. Participants were tasked to create their original ice cream design and flavours based on the theme ‘Superheroes’. 

Our girls hard at work preparing their garnishing. 



Our unique creation at the preliminary round – Black Pepper Sesame Ice Cream “Catwoman” theme.   

At the finals – Sesame Ice Cream inspired by the movie “Frozen”.