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Curriculum Overview


  • extend students’ understanding of their surroundings
  •  understand the place of the Humanities in the real world
Experience - for all students to love and interact with the subject matter, in and outside the classroom
Enrichment - supplementary readings and awareness exercises in Geography, History and Social Studies for greater learning beyond the textbook
Extension – participation in competitions to stretch and challenge thinking and learning


Our Programmes

Geographical and Historical Trips in 2016

Sec 1: Kallang River
Sec 2: HDB HUB @Toa Payoh  (Historical Investigations)
Sec 3: East Coast Park
Sec 4: Marina Bay

Assembly Talk on Historical Investigation by the National Library Board

   As part of equipping students with research skills, the department participated in the National Library Board’s outreach
programmes to schools.  Aligned to the lower secondary History syllabus, various search tools were shown to the students to help them in their research task.

Lower Secondary Humanities Subject Information Session

 The Humanities department, in collaboration with the Literature department, organises the Lower Secondary Subject Information session for parents at the start of each year.


 The objectives of this session are to provide parents with:

1.    an understanding of the demands and expectations of the Lower Secondary Humanities syllabuses;

2.    an overview of the academic programmes which support teaching and learning of the Humanities; and

3.    an understanding of the assessment components for the Humanities subjects.


It is hoped that with this understanding of syllabus and assessment demands, parents can better support their child at home, hence strengthening teacher-parent partnerships.

Overseas Trips

KC also arranged for some overseas trips for its students to extend their learning in subject disciplines. In 2015, the Humanities department organised an educational trip to Sri Lanka where students had a chance to collect first-hand information on life there and extend this learning to the content they learnt in the textbook.

Humanities Challenge

On 4 March 2017, the annual KC Humanities Challenge kicked off with 11 enthusiastic teams from various schools competing  in the Amazing Race and Humanopoly segments. During the Amazing Race segment, participants used their wits and athleticism to score as many points as possible from the diverse tasks of each station. 

In the Humanopoly segment - a concept similar to 'Who wants to be a Millionaire' participants had to answer a range of Humanities-related questions, with the highest scoring 5 teams proceeding to the second round, where more challenging questions awaited. 

Congratulations to all winning teams!

Useful Websites

We are providing the following links which can be useful to help students in the learning of the Humanities as well as to enhance one’s own general knowledge: