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English Language, Literature & Drama

Our goal is:

To nurture thinking communicators who are able to deliver their message across effectively, whether in writing, 

speaking or through a dramatic performance.


Programme Overview


Approach to English Language in KC

Aims to expose and deepen students’ understanding and use of the language, through

Receptive SkillsProductive Skills

Reading & Viewing

Writing & Representing
 Listening & Viewing Speaking & Representing
  Vocabulary in Context 


The department adopts a spiral approach to the areas of language development, in order to build skills on a regular basis.

Highlights of the EL programme include:

Opening Writes

Students are given regular opportunities to develop their writing skills, in response to a variety of stimuli.

Oral Communication Programme

  • Students are exposed to the basics of phonetics, assessment outcomes strategies to assist in expressing their ideas both logically and succinctly to be effective communicators both within and outside of the classroom:


Identified Focus

Secondary 1

Persuasive Speech (Prepared)

Secondary 2

Persuasive Speech (Impromptu)

Secondary 3


 Secondary 4/5Revision


As a school that celebrates all things Literature, we offer a comprehensive programme which enthuses students with all the passion the subject offers, through
  • Shakespeare workshops (At Secondary 2 & 3 levels)
  • Talks by Writers & Arts Organisations (e.g. Singlit Station, NAC)
  • Watching a theatre performance (Sec 2 level - Shakespeare in the Park)

Drama Elective Programme

  • Aims to deepen her students’ interest and expertise in Drama
  • One of the pioneer schools to offer Drama at the GCE 'O' Level since 2005
  • Guided by a three-tier approach that endeavours to:
    • Expose - Secondary 1 & 2 students to a compulsory Drama Foundation Programme;
    • Enrich - Identified Secondary 2 students in Semester 2 to offer the Drama Elective Programme ; and
    • Excel -  Identified Secondary 3 & 4 students to pursue GCE ‘O’ Level Drama
The school-based customised programme offers students an invaluable opportunity to participate in 
  • quality performances (e.g. role of an audience, co-collaborator and/or performer)
  • robust student discussions of the perspectives of others
Selected students then have a chance for further exploration of ideas using a variety of drama skills and techniques, to devise, improvise and shape drama, with an enhanced experience of the knowledge of actor's craft as they move on to preparing for Drama at the GCE ‘O’ Level.


Book & Music Week

Book & Music Week (BMW), is a highly anticipated yearly event which sees Katong Convent girls given the chance to shine with their God-given talents!
Founded by Mrs Marie Bong, former Principal of Katong Convent, BMW is a much-loved tradition in Katong Convent that is spoken of fondly by all who have lived and breathed the BMW experience while a student here. It is a time when the KC family gathers together to be awed by the high standards that the school had achieved and is still achieving for herself in the areas of language, literature, literary arts and music.