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Art (Enhanced Art Programme)

Curriculum Overview

CHIJ Katong Convent’s Enhanced Art Programme (KC EAP) is undergir ded by KC’s robust Arts culture in Communication, Performance, and the Visual Arts. As articulated in KC’s Graduate Profile, KC EAP aspires to develop her students to be innovative problem solvers, effective communicators, compassionate servant leaders, and discerning citizens. KC EAP balances the domains of making and thinking by steeping our students in both the studio practice and language of creative thinkers.

KC EAP develops her students’ interest and their talents in Visual Arts through KC’s three-tiered E3 approach. This includes:

    • exposing all lower secondary students to a content-rich foundational Arts curriculum (Experience),
    • deepening their learning with a variety of enrichment opportunities (Enrich), and
    • nurturing talents through its advanced art modules (Extend).

KC EAP is designed to help our students acquire an appreciation for traditional and contemporaneous art forms such as painting, printmaking, illustration, fashion design, graphic design and digital photography. Our students are guided to gain an understanding of not only the visual arts but also their own passions and aspirations; they have graduated to pursue diverse careers in fine art, 2-D and 3-D design.

Our Programmes

KC EAP offers a plethora of programmes

    • Upper Secondary 2-day EAP Workshop
    • Showcasing work in art exhibitions and presentations (e.g. CHIJ KC Book & Music Week, Assembly Programme, Singapore Youth Festival)
    • Learning journeys, artist talks, and enrichment workshops (e.g. Art Stage, National Gallery Singapore,Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Asian Civilization Museum