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Visitors from Fukuoka Futaba School

The second leg of our exchange programme with Fukuoka Futaba School in Fukuoka, Japan took place from 30th July to 3rd August. Having spent a meaningful and enriching time in Fukuoka in June 2015, our 5 KC students, together with the school were happy to welcome 5 students and 1 teacher from our sister IJ school, Fukuoka Futaba School (FF). The students were hosted in the homes of our KC students and spent the days learning with their buddies and experiencing the rich culture of Singapore. It was an activity-filled and invaluable experience for both KC and FF as the students managed to rekindle friendships fostered in June and had the opportunity to share about their lives, friends as well as local traditions in Singapore. The FF teacher gleaned many insights into the teaching practices in Singapore after observing several lessons in KC and she is keen to explore newly learnt ideas back in FF! There was rich learning for both KC and FF students and staff and we were all pleasantly surprised at the similarities between the 2 schools and cultures. With all great times, the farewell was sad for all but the friendships that were strengthened during the one week will enable the learning to continue beyond borders of school and country.