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Teachers’ Day 2015


“To truly be a teacher is to serve with love!”

This message echoed loud and true in Father Michael Sitaram’s homily. As Teachers’ Day was celebrated this year, teachers reflected on the roles they took on in the classroom and beyond. Many a time, students may not understand why teachers behave or interact with them in a certain way. Not until they have left school and when students themselves start looking back at how they were like in school. But, still the teacher continues to persist in serving with love. And the love teachers show for students comes in many forms – from how lessons are taught in the classroom to disciplining students, to challenging them to grow their character, to caring for them even when it is most difficult. Fr Michael encouraged all students to listen to their teachers very carefully for teachers hold the key to helping students understand lessons better and getting ready for examinations. Many a time, teachers also act as surrogate parents in school and guide students in character formation. Father Michael had the school laughing with him at his amusing anecdotes and snapshots of school life. Catholic student leaders led the school in hymn and responses and for the first time, we had 4- member ensemble, the violin played by Bonita of Sec 1/3 and 3 teachers on the guitar, cello and piano accompanying the school as they sang. All teachers recited a special Teachers’ Day prayer together as they offered their work and care for students, in navigating the world ahead! As the Mass drew to a close, the whole school resounded with the strains of Josh Groban’s ‘You Raise Me Up’ – a tribute to teachers. God bless all teachers!

Teachers’ Day is a time for students to show their love and appreciation for their teachers and this year’s celebration was no exception. The hall virtually exploded with enthusiasm and energy as the students declared their gratitude to the teachers during the annual Teachers’ Day Concert. Organised by student leaders, the student councillors and CCA leaders ensured that every teacher was honoured and entertained by the lively performances put up by the students. From the dynamic tunes of the chinese orchestra to the energetic dances by Siren Crew and the dance club, students and teachers alike marvelled at the talents of the girls. Humour clearly ruled the day with the antics of Linden and Ann Marie as they ran the Sec 4 and 5 Teachers’ Day Quiz; a clear crowd pleaser as 8 surprising secrets of teachers were revealed whilst students were tested on how well they knew their teachers. True to their creativity, the Sec 3s re-wrote the lyrics to a song and brought the energy level of the audience to a new height. Alternatively touching and funny, the Sec 2 tribute video and Sec 1 Teachers Catwalk where students dressed up as their form teachers had many in tears, though it was hard to tell if these were from laughing or crying. The surprise flash mob by the student council executive committee and CCA leaders caused the entire hall to erupt again with laughter and surprise. It was a concert that both teachers and students would remember, most of all for the sheer display of togetherness and KC spirit. It was there in that moment, watching the girls on stage, that the teachers knew just why they had chosen to teach.