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Student Investiture 2015


This year’s Student Leaders’ Investiture, held on 20th July, took a different turn with a warm and celebratory vibrancy, a concept that was the brainchild of the 9th Student Council president, Samantha Yap of Sec 4/5.

Katong Convent’s annual Student Leaders’ Investiture is not only a time when we instate the succeeding batch of student leaders, but also when the school celebrates and honours the student leaders’ successes, and service to the school. More importantly, the Student Leaders’ Investiture is an event almost entirely run by student leaders themselves. Conceptualised, organised, and ran by the 9th Student Council Executive Committee with its teachers playing only an advisory role, this year’s investiture shone as testimony to continual improvement, innovation, and teamwork. The speeches by both the 9th Student Council president, Samantha Yap and the 10th Student Council president, Saleema Noor Sarah alternatingly touched and inspired the student body. The cheers of the students as their leaders walked down the hall echoed the resounding affirmation of the good work of leaders past, and trust in leaders tomorrow.

We would like to thank the graduating Councillors, CCA Leaders, RHYAs and Class Committee members for serving the school in their various capacities, providing leadership in their respective areas of influence to define the experience of their peers. We also congratulate the 10th Student Council Executive Committee and the new CCA Leaders in their recent appointments, wishing them well as they take on the challenge of leading and serving their community.