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Sports Day 2015


This being our first year at our holding site, the school decided to make use of the grandstand at the field to have our Sports Day within the school premises itself. We also wanted to make the event even more memorable, and it seemed apt to continue the theme of “firsts” by combining Sports Day with our Jubilee Year celebrations this year. Thus the KC SG50 Sports Day was born.

The event was held on 6 Aug and took the form of a mini National Day Parade. Our uniformed groups, the St John Ambulance Brigade, Girl Guides and National Civil Defence Cadet Corps (NCDCC), and Student Councillors formed our marching contingent led by a student leader from NCDCC, Glenice Chia of Sec 4/2.

After the impressive march past, it was time for our incoming CCA leaders to take the stage. Four CCA leaders, Marie Tan (Sec 2/3) from Track & Field, Lim Yi Lin (Sec 3/6) from Tennis, Amirah (Sec 3/3) from Canoeing and Sharlize Loh (Sec 3/6) from Badminton formed the CCA relay team to kick off the event with a symbolic relay and recitation of the Athletes Oath.

The new batch of CCA leaders then led the crowd in cheering and National Day song-singing throughout the event. Some of the sports events that took place and which the students enjoyed participating in included the 80m sprint and the 4 X 200m relay. Students were also given the opportunity to take part in “old-school” games such as egg and spoon game, the three-legged race, funny sack race and the crazy elephant race. All students also received a mini funpack containing “old school” snacks and traditional toys such as a yoyo and a paper ball.

A new SG50 Sports Day activity that also took place was the Level Singing Competition, where the entire level, led by student councillors and class committee members, sang National Day songs accompanied by hand gestures and actions that they had choreographed themselves.

After all the excitement at the grandstand, it was time to move around the school to discover the other exciting activities available. These included the teachers VS students Captain’s Ball game which saw an overwhelming participation rate and the traditional games booths, where the CCA leaders taught the students how to play games such as kuti-kuti, five stones and pick-up sticks.

Another highlight of the event was the traditional food section led by the Parent-Teacher Support Group (PTSG), which saw long queues all eagerly looking forward to getting their hands on some traditional food items.

The flurry of activities culminated in the prize giving ceremony in the hall towards the end of the morning and the champion class for the level was as follows:
Sec 1: Sec 1/4
Sec 2: 2/6
Sec 3: Sec 3/2
Sec 4 & 5: Sec 4/1.

The results were determined based on an accumulation of participation points during PE lessons (300m dash, howler throw and long jump) and the 80m sprint, 4 X 200m relay, “Old-school” games and traditional games on our SG50 Sports Day itself.

It was also announced that the winner of the Level Singing Competition was the Secondary Three cohort.

The day ended on a reflective mood with our Principal reminding us about how far Singapore has come since independence and the importance of being prepared for whatever challenges Singaporeans will face in the future.

A formal March-in of the state flag by the Guard-of-Honour from the different uniformed groups.