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Level Camps 2015


Secondary 1 Study Skills and Leadership Camp

The Secondary 1 students went through a 3-day level camp with the aim of equipping them with foundational leadership skills and study skills. During the camp, they learnt about the importance of time management and their different learning styles. They also picked up note-taking skills and applied them directly on a Humanities topic during a hands-on session. After learning what it takes to be a leader on Day 2, Day 3 saw the students working together with their classmates as they practised what they learnt through the games played during the previous day. Through these personal leadership experiences and lessons gained, we hope that the students will be able to apply the skills learnt within and beyond class.

Secondary 2 Outdoor Adventure Camp

The Secondary Two Outdoor Adventure Camp was held at the MOE Jalan Bahtera Adventure Campsite. Conceptualised as a signature programme for the Secondary Two cohort, this 3-day-2-night residential camp was organised with a multi-pronged approach to achieve multiple objectives, especially those related to 21CC outcomes.

Specifically, this Camp required students to work in groups of five throughout the entire duration. It is so done with the intention of honing problem solving skills and reinforcing the value of teamwork for the student. One activity that required them to work closely as a team and to think out of the box was the team-building games segment. Students had to work together to overcome several “obstacles” such as getting everyone safely to the other side of “a river” and scaling a low wall by supporting each other. The high element known as the Vertical Playpen was another station that allowed them to learn to work as a team, with two members needing each other’s help in order to successfully reach the top of the two-storey high structure, with the other three members below providing support as well as suggestions.

Students were also given the opportunity to move out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves at the abseiling, zip-line and rock-wall climbing stations. During the reflection segment at night, many girls admitted that they surprised themselves at these stations, as they never thought that they would be capable of successfully completing these stations.
To allow our students to try something that was beyond their everyday experience, they were given an opportunity to cook their own dinner outdoors on stoves and in mess tins. The girls clearly enjoyed themselves and finished up all the food in a matter of minutes! Later that night, they were also given a chance to spend the night in a tent that they had pitched together as a group.

Another activity that incorporated the Outdoor Education skills that our students had been learning during PE lessons in January was a 2-hour long trekking session at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, which was recognised as Singapore’s first ASEAN Heritage Park in 2003. The objective was for students to experience an outdoor learning journey and make use of their orienteering and map-reading skills, while having fun. The students had to find the best route which covered the greatest number of stations. Each group was equipped with an iPad which the students used to take a “We-fie” (self-taken photograph of a group of people) at every station. Students learned more about the flora and fauna in the mangrove, fresh water and back mangrove of the nature reserve, and some even managed to capture images of large spiders, monitor lizards and the herons.

The girls certainly enjoyed themselves, and the camp ended on a happy note, with the girls reporting in their camp reflection booklets that they had learnt much during the three days two nights away from home.

Secondary 3 Make a Difference Camp

This year’s Secondary 3 Camp took a different approach from previous years: one of reaching in to understand and cultivate one’s own values of compassion, empathy, tolerance and respect as well as reaching out to the less fortunate in the community.

The 3-day Make a Difference Camp involved students learning about service learning and how it differs from their usual VIA experiences. They were taught the steps involved in embarking on a service learning project and in formulating and fine-tuning their own class service learning projects. At the same time, they also learnt about the needs of those they were going to serve through their project, particularly the elderly in the community and those with special needs. These were carried out through enriching and fun-filled activities that took them out of their classrooms into the wide spaces within the school. The camp also included a sharing by WeCare at Marine Parade to help students better understand the Marine Parade community and the plight of the many needy and less fortunate families in the area.

In addition to training and sharing sessions, students also had the opportunity to view videos and short films about the suffering of the sick, the elderly or those living with special needs in Singapore and in other countries. The poignant message of the videos stirred sentiments of empathy, compassion and appreciation of the diverse needs of these people in the students and helped them better understand the reality of the society that they live in today.

Finally, the camp also took students out of the school. The Secondary 3N students visited APSN Katong School, MINDS Towner Gardens School and Asian Women’ Welfare Association School. The visit was definitely eye-opening and inspiring as the students got to learn much more about such schools and their practices. The students also developed a keener awareness of the complexities of interacting with children with special needs. It also enabled our students to better plan for their service learning projects. The Secondary 3E students visited selected old neighbourhoods across Singapore to learn more about the needs of the elderly in these areas so as to better understand what their typical day is like and also the plight of the elderly in Singapore. On reflection, many students had not realised such neighbourhoods existed in Singapore and knew little about the elderly there.

In all, the camp achieved its objectives and was well-received by staff and students alike. It is with such positivity that KC hopes to leave a significant impact on the community that we serve.

Secondary 4 Retreat

Students participated enthusiastically with their hearts and minds. They showed a lighter side of themselves against the backdrop of preparing for the national examinations this year.

At this Retreat, our students were meaningfully engaged, restoring the core of energy within themselves and the network of support from the relationships with their classmates and friends. They learnt about self-acceptance, standing strong against bad influence and negative voices and how they could make the shift to be a more effective person, nurturing good relationships with family, friends and others.

Our girls got to look at themselves as a person, daughter and friend. They had time to reflect upon their lives and on relationships with their family and friends. They were encouraged to be thankful for the good in their lives and challenged to change unhelpful mindsets and to look at things from different perspectives.

Learning how to be a better friend enabled them to see the good in each other and to be the pillar of support they need to be for each other as they face the ‘O’ and ‘N’ levels together.

Secondary 5 Comprehension Workshop

Whilst students from the other levels attended various camps, our Secondary 5 girls attended sessions 1 and 2 of a workshop which advocated a research-driven practice . Students benefitted from the trainer’s approach which encompasses valuable reading and question analysis skills in discerning the various question types distinctive to the English Language Reading Comprehension paper. A diagnostic pre-test was conducted to ascertain the students’ starting point, and this was referred to closely in the first two sessions of the workshop.

Our Secondary 5 students greatly appreciated attending this workshop and understood that they can and have to practise what they have learnt, across all their academic subjects for both reading and writing tasks. They look forward to the remaining 3 sessions in June to show that they have grown in skill and have benefitted from the workshop.