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Chinese New Year Celebration 2016


Chinese New Year Celebration

Our school celebrated Chinese New Year (CNY) on 5 February and the theme for this year was 《金猴献瑞闹新春》“Swinging In A Boisterous Year”. This event was jointly organised by the Mother Tongue Languages Department and the Values-in-Action Committee. To share the festive joy, all classes decorated their classrooms according to the CNY theme and prizes were given to the best decorated classrooms of each level.

The highlight of the day was the CNY celebration concert in the hall, beginning with the enchanting performance by our Chinese Orchestra, Vice-Principal’s sharing on the significance of preserving our cultural practices, interactive CNY Quiz, the mesmerising Sichuan Opera Face-Changing performance and the ever-popular Lion Dance performance. All staff and students were equally excited and amused by the surprise appearance of the mischievous Monkey God. The CNY hall celebration ended on a high note, with class representatives and student councillors presenting oranges symbolising good wishes to all staff.

It was a high-spirited event, involving staff and students from all ethnic groups in the celebration with a view to build inter-cultural appreciation and understanding.

Chinese New Year Values-in-Action Experience

To usher in Chinese New Year this year, the Secondary 1 to 3 students organised class parties and invited the school cleaners to join in the party. Secondary 2 students also prepared hampers for the senior citizens from GoodLife! whereas our Secondary 3 students prepared theirs for the school cleaners which were presented to them during the class party. Secondary 4 and 5 students played host to the senior citizens from GoodLife! and Sunlove Home. Our girls served them delicious home-cooked food and provided fun companionship. The senior citizens were also treated to an awesome performance by the school’s Chinese Orchestra as well as the Concert Band.

From the reaction of our guests, it was clear that the gesture from our girls was greatly appreciated by them and it was truly gratifying to see the look of joy on their faces. At the same time, our girls felt satisfied and encouraged as they brought the festive cheer to one another.