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2016 Level Camps


January also saw our key milestone programme, Level Camps, being held from 25 to 27 January across all the 5 levels:

Secondary 1 Leadership and Study Skills Camp

The Secondary 1 students went through a 3-day personal leadership camp where they were equipped with skills to manage their transition from primary to secondary school. At the same time, they were introduced to the concept of personal leadership, which required them to practise effective time management strategies and plan their daily schedules.

Another segment of the camp taught students study skills, such as looking out for key words while studying, and applying it to a concept map. The Secondary 1 students also displayed resilience during their level camp and there was a great sense of camaraderie within the class as they competed in various games with their peers. Through these personal leadership experiences and lessons gained, we hope that the students will be able to apply the skills learnt within and beyond class.


Secondary 2 Outdoor Adventure Camp

The Secondary 2 students had their level camp at the MOE Jalan Bahtera Adventure Centre. A total of 241 students attended the camp, alongside their form teachers. The form teachers were closely involved in this camp as it is our belief that enduring learning and endearing relationships are forged through a common KC experience which the students undergo with their peers and teachers.

This camp is a signature programme for the Secondary 2 cohort, and was conceptualised with a multi-pronged approach to achieve multiple objectives, especially those related to 21CC outcomes. The objectives of the camp were to develop our students as leaders with the confidence and courage to step out of their comfort zone and stretch their limits; to build the life skills of effective communication, co-operation and personal responsibility and to foster class spirit by promoting mutual understanding, trust and respect.


There was intermittent rain throughout the three days of camp, but the students’ spirits remained high. Where there was a need to halt activities due to inclement weather, students and teachers spent the time well singing and practising their campfire items and cheers. This was also an opportune time for the form teachers to interact with and get to know their students better.

Some of the activities that the students did included trekking at nearby Sungei Buloh, challenging themselves on the high ropes tower circuit and rock-wall, attempting the zipline and abseiling wall, as well as the newest attraction at the campsite, the caving system, which all the students enjoyed tremendously. The form teachers not only assisted the girls in attempting the various activities; they also joined in the fun!

It was a successful camp which had afforded many valuable lessons for our students. The camp also concluded with the following awards recognition:
Most Enthusiastic Class: Sec 2/1
Best Campfire Item: Sec 2/7
Best in Trekking: Sec 2/3
Best Camper Awards:
Sec 2/1 – Nur Fazlina Bte Mohd Rahman
Sec 2/2 – Gwendolyn Therese Lim Ean Bee
Sec 2/3 – Anusha Rai
Sec 2/4 – Hia Jing Lin Alicia
Sec 2/5 – Evelyn Erike Tan
Sec 2/6 – Tammie Koh Sze Hui
Sec 2/7 – Teo Wan Tong Nicole

Secondary 3 Service Learning Camp

This year’s camp focused on educating the students to be effective facilitators in carrying out service learning projects. In the process, it is hoped that by reaching out to the less fortunate in the community, we can inculcate the values of empathy and compassion in our students

During the 3-day Service Learning Camp, students were taught the skills needed when embarking on a service learning project and about the needs of those they were going to serve, particularly the elderly in the community and those with special needs. Students watched inspiring videos and were engaged in varied fun-filled activities that took them out of their classroom setting. The camp also included a sharing by WeCare at Marine Parade to help students better understand the Marine Parade community and the plight of the many needy and less fortunate families in the area. Through this sharing, students learnt to empathise with the less fortunate in the community and be sincere and enthusiastic in carrying out their Service Learning projects.

On the third day of the camp the students visited their beneficiaries, namely: Goodlife, Foo Hai Elderly Lodge, Sunlove Home, St Andrew’s Senior Care, Fei Yue, Bizlink and Touch Centre for Independent Living. The visit was definitely an eye-opening experience and inspired the students to learn more about the needs of the elderly as well as adults with mild intellectual disabilities. The students also realised the complexities of interacting with the elderly and adults with special needs.

Through the visit, our students learnt to better plan for their service learning projects, thus making it a mutually benefitting experience for them as well as the beneficiaries.

In all, the camp achieved its objectives and was well-received by staff and students alike. It is with such positivity that KC hopes to leave a significant impact on the community that we serve.

Secondary 4 Retreat

Our graduating cohort participated in the annual retreat where our student were meaningfully engaged through games, anecdotes and activities that helped them to reflect upon their experiences in KC from the moment they first entered the school.

Taking time to self-examine their personal journeys, challenges and relationships, our students explored themes of self-acceptance, resisting bad influence and growing from strength to strength when facing difficulties in working with others. The students were given space to reflect upon their growth, their relationships at home and school. These reflections were guided to hone the confidence of each KC girl to be more effective and focused in their responsibilities and studies.
The retreat punctuated an important moment of affirmation and reconciliation between friends and family. The students were encouraged to reach out and encourage one another, recognising that we are never alone as a KC family, even in the midst of preparing for the national examinations this year.

Dear parents, we continue in our endeavour to reach out to our girls through love and encouragement. Let us muster strength and courage to shower our presence and support your daughters to grow as women of beauty and grace.

Secondary 5 Educational and Career Guidance (ECG) Exposure

An ECG experience was organised for the Secondary 5 students on 25 January. The objectives were to enable students to develop a greater sense of self-awareness of their own interests and aspirations and to understand the values and attitudes needed in the different occupations in the workforce.

Students were given time to explore the different occupations through the ecareers portal, to set personal targets and to fill up their portfolios through the portal. In addition, the students were engaged in playing an Occupational Interest and Values Card activity where they identified the different occupations they were interested in and discovered the values and traits that are required in upholding those jobs.

Students also attended career talks by 7 different professionals. These talks enabled them to broaden their view of the world of work which also gave them a better understanding of the characteristics of the occupations held by the speakers.
Our Secondary 5 students greatly appreciated the experience and found the sessions interesting and informative.