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Message For 2018 Secondary 1 Student

CHIJ Katong Convent warmly welcomes you as you begin the next lap of your education in a secondary school. We look forward to receiving you on Friday, 22 December at 8.30 am for the Secondary 1 Registration.

The following is the programme for the day.

2018 Secondary 1 Registration Programme

Time  Details  Venue

08 30 hrs

08 45 hrs

09 45 hrs

09 45 hrs


 Principal's Address I (For all parents)

 Form Class Session (For students)

 Sale of Books and Uniform commences
 Principal's Address II 
 (For all students who are offered higher level
 subjects and their parents)

 Upper Foyer

 Multi-Purpose Hall

 E04-03 (linkway to Multi-Purpose Hall)

Information on sale of books and uniform for 22 Dec 2017*

 Books and Stationery
 Uniform / PE Attire / Badge 
 / Apron / Socks / Shoes
 Bookshop (Express Course)
 Upper Canteen (NA and NT Course)

 Classroom 1 - 3

Payment Mode

 Cash/Credit Card


Online Order

 Only on 22 and 23 Dec 2017, limited to 15
 orders for each day on a First-Come First-
 Serve basis.

 Choice of home delivery or self-collection:

    • Home delivery is a choice of delivery timing on either 28 or 29 Dec 2017
    • Self-collection for online orders in the school : 26-27 Dec 2017, 9am to 3pm

 Not Available

*On 26 – 27 Dec from 9am to 3pm, the sale of books/stationery and sale of uniform and accessories will be at the bookshop and in the school canteen respectively.