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Mr Richard Leong Theng Wei
Ms Tan Min Joo
Ms. Lim Shi Ying

Training days, time & location

Friday, 2.15 p.m. to 5.15 p.m., school, HQ


  • To nurture and develop our youths into resilient and responsible citizens through innovative and challenging CD activities
  • To be a choice UG that equips our youths with life-savings skills for challenging times ahead
  • To instill within our youths self-discipline and respect for self and others


  • January: CCA Fair, Sec 1 Recruitment, 1-Star Kayaking Course, Dart Base Visit, UACD Competition
  • February: 2-Star Kayaking Course
  • March: Sector training (Sec 1) Adventure Training Camp (Sec 2),  Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Course (Sec 3), Campfire Leaders’ Course
  • April: NCDCC Service Week, NCDCC Day Observance Ceremony, NCDCC bi-Annual Sports Day at HTA, Speech & Prize-Giving Day Guard-of-Honour duty
  • May: Sector training, NCDCC Affirmation Day, CD Knowledge Course, SANA Course
  • August: National Day Parade, school’s NDP, Sec 2 Inter-unit Quiz
  • September: SCDF Parade
  • October: Urban Adventure CD Skills Challenge
  • November: Emergency Preparedness Day, Remembrance Day, Heritage Gallery visit and Unit Camp


  • NCDCC Pinnacle Badge (Individual)


  • NCDCC Urban Adventure Civil Defence Skills Challenge (UACDC) - 3rd Position
  • Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Course (SNOC) - Footdrill (Gold), Best Cadet in Platoon (Night Hawk) - Nur Syazan (Sec. 305)

  • Awarded the Unit Overall Performance Silver Award for Year 2015
  • A team of five cadets emerged 3rd in the annual NCDCC Urban Adventure Civil Defence Skills Challenge (UACDC) for Year 2015
  • Sec 1: Total Defence Bronze Badge, Fire Safety Badge, Footdrill Bronze Badge
  • Sec 2: Total Defence Badge, First Aid Badge, Campcraft Badge, Rescue Badge, Adventure Training Camp Badge, SANA Badge, CPR Badge, Footdrill Silver Badge, Community Engagement Bronze Badge, 1-Star Kayaking Badge 
  • Sec 3: CD Knowledge Badge, Homefront Security Badge, Hazmat Badge, Footdrill Gold Badge, Crime Prevention Badge, Community Engagement Gold Badge, 2-Star Kayaking Badge